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  • Can I use my own suitcases or bags for storage and shipping?

    Yes. However, they must be labelled as described here.

  • Can I use my own cardboard boxes for storage?

    No. Our storage and shipping boxes are of excellent quality and provided free of charge and we only accept these boxes on our storage services.

  • Can I use my own cardboard boxes for shipping?

    Yes. However, our shipping boxes are of excellent quality and so we recommend them over other boxes. If you prefer to use your own storage or shipping boxes please add them to your booking from the add items dropdown. Bookings including boxes provided by customers are not insured. We only accept brand new heavy duty double-walled boxes. Please note that the boxes supplied by Direct Global Trading, StorePak, Argos, and most self-storage companies are not suitable for our service.

  • Can I store and ship furniture, bikes and other bulky items?


    At this time, we only accept items that fit into suitcases or our boxes. We are planning to extend our service to bikes, guitars, TVs etc in the near future. Furniture will always be a no-no, unless you can fit it into a suitcase or one of our boxes!

  • Where do you store my belongings?

    At highly secure, fully insured, climate controlled storage facilities at a growing number of locations in the UK.

  • How do you transport my belongings?

    Using a combination of our own fleet of vehicles and various partners.

  • What about storage and shipping insurance?

    It's included in the price

    Insurance cover of up to £100 per box is included in the price and covers your boxes during transit and storage.

  • What can I store and ship with you?

    Pretty much anything non-liquid, non-edible, non-biodegradable, and safe, as long as it fits into a box.

    Our how to pack guide is essential reading.

  • What is your minimum/maxmimum storage period?

    Our minimum storage period is 2 weeks. We have no maximum storage period.

  • Can I use different pick-up and drop-off addresses for storage?


    Just specify the addresses when arranging collections and returns online.

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